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• Designers will be designing for the Lauren Gunderson play Silent Sky.

• The competition is open to all designers outside of the United States.

• Use the Registration form to register for an official entry and receive a link to submit design materials.

• Deadline for submission is 22 March 2022.

• Designers may choose to design for either the Tedford Mainstage or The Ring Theatre.

• Designers may submit up to two separate designs as separate entries. Both designs may be for the two different spaces or may be for the same space. The choice is yours.

• A list of required submission materials may be found below.

• The adjudication of entries will be blind. 

• Upon selection of the chosen design, the winning designer will work collaboratively with the production team at Wake Forest University to modify the design for production needs and feasibility.

• The working language for the production process is English. While some knowledge and use of the English language is needed, fluency is not required. We are creating art, not writing international law.

• Approximately two weeks prior to the opening of the show, the designer will be flown to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at the expense of Wake Forest University, to spend time in residency, overseeing the final duties of production. Housing, lunch and dinners will be provided.

• The winning designer will receive an honorarium of 3,300 USD, which is subject to US taxes, depending on the designer's nation of residency.

• While in residency, the chosen designer will participate in activities related to the production and the competition. These may include speaking to classes, students, and participating in post- and pre-show discussions. Significant language barriers may be mitigated with translators if necessary.

Competition Submission Requirements

Upon registration and payment of the registration fee, entrants will receive a link to a Google Drive folder where they will submit their design materials  for entry. *A different file sharing service will be available if Google is not accessible in your country.* All of the required items listed below may be submitted within one PDF file or as separate files as indicated. Do not include your name on any of the submitted documents or within a file name.

• A brief Designer's Statement addressing the designer's thematic and inspirational approach to the design problem, key elements and functions of the design, and any other information the designer feels is relevant to this particular design. However, words should not attempt to be a substitute for strong design and visual presentation. No more than a single A4 page. Submit in PDF format.

Groundplan, in a minimum of 1/4" = 1' - 0" or 1:50 scale, that adequately illustrates the overall design. If more than one groundplan is required to demonstrate the design's functionality, these should be included as well. It is up to you if you wish to design for the Tedford Stage or for the Ring Theatre. You may submit separate entries using either of the two theatres. Submit in PDF format using adequately descriptive file names.

Sketches that adequately demonstrate the design, including scene changes. Submit in PDF or JPEG format using descriptive file names.

Color Rendering and/or Color Model Photos and/or Color Virtual Model Photos. At least one color rendering of the design or quality photos of a color model. The model need not be of production-quality finish, as the selected design may well be altered through the collaborative production process. This part of the submission is for you to show how you envision the color of the play's environment. Submit in PDF or JPEG format using descriptive file names.

Detailed List of Images. Include a document with a list and description of each included image. For example, for your sketches, you would list each individual file, or each sketch title if all in one PDF, and then write a brief description of the image to ensure that the judges know what they are looking at.

Submisson Requirements

The Details

• All submissions for the competition will be coded by an independent agent of Wake Forest University to maintain anonymity. Judges will not know the identity of the designers they are evaluating.

• Despite being chosen for production, the submitted design must still go through the normal production process, working with director, Cindy Gendrich, the other members of the design team, and the production staff of Wake Forest University's Department of Theatre & Dance to undergo typical production changes, augmentations, edits, and other artistic collaboration.

• The final realized design may vary significantly from the proposed, winning design. Many factors may influence changes to the original submitted design. The final design must meet the aims and goals of the program as well as be appropriate for the play and this production, as well as be achievable by our production team. Resources, space limitations, time, and needs of the director will all be considered in executing the chosen design. Still , bear in mind that the winning design was chosen for a reason and artistic integrity will be maintained as much as possible.

• The chosen designer will retain legal rights to their intellectual property after production.

• Upon acceptance by the designer of the winning design, the winner must commit to being available for regular long-distance video or phone meetings as normally expected for the production of theatre. Further, the winner must also commit to being available for approximately two weeks prior to opening for overseeing and assisting with final production needs to implement the design.

• The winning designer is responsible for securing any necessary visa and other documents required for travel to the United States. Wake Forest University and the Department of Theatre & Dance will assist as able in acquiring a visa.

• The honorarium will be paid in three (3) installments: 1/3 upon signing a design contract, 1/3 when final design materials have been submitted, and 1/3 on opening night.

• The honorarium is subject to US taxes, depending on the designer's nation of residence. Wake Forest University will assist with paperwork and acquiring the necessary Tax Identification Number.

• If the designer does not choose to work in the Imperial System, designs may be altered to facilitate construction and available materials, with designer approval. Information on the Imperial System and stock materials will be provided.

• All entrants will retain rights to their designs and intellectual property, however, aWAKEn and Wake Forest University reserve the right to use images from submitted design entries, including in online promotional and display formats. aWAKEn intends to display most if not all design entries to the public via this website and/or another Wake Forest University site.

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