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An Exciting Milestone

Wake Forest University and Pilot Mountain copyright Ken Bennett/WFU

The sun has set on our deadlines, and we are very excited about our group of international theatre designers who chose to dive into this experiment with us. The designs are being checked and double-checked to make sure the judges receive "anonymous" work and the adjudication remains blind and that all the materials are accessible to our panel. As soon as that is done, our esteemed panel of six judges will begin the challenging work of examining the work and selecting a designer! Our goal is to have an announcement in early June, though possibly as early as May. This idea started a few years ago—long before a pandemic was more than a film and book trope—and it has been in process ever since. The fact that we are now less than a year away from seeing the fruits of that seed on a stage is nothing short of exciting.

Life would be simple really, if we could take the the selected designer's work and just transfer it directly to the Tedford Mainstage or the Ring Theatre. But the ensuing months will involve conversations, correspondence, and collaboration with director, Cindy Gendrich, and the production team to get the design ready for the Wake Forest University Theatre stage. There will be the challenge of the designer never physically being in the space before, the challenges of a metric design converted to an imperial reality, and god knows what other challenges we haven't considered.

Eventually, we will be posting ALL the submissions tothe web page; hopefully this summer, but more likely in the fall. We are also hoping to document as much of the production process on this site as well.

Thanks to all of our participants. We all wait on tenterhooks for the results, and to see Lauren Gunderson's marvelous play breathed to life in Winston-Salem with our international collaborator.

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